Condyloma Treatment

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Condyloma, also called external genital warts, is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STD). They are small bumps, often rough surfaced, often more than one, that occur mostly on the genital areas, but can occur anywhere, including eyelids, tongue, and nipples! After sexual contact with an infected partner the patient can develop this tumor which is caused by one of several different types of HPV, human papilloma virus. Lesions usually appear within three months of contact. However, sometimes the virus can lie dormant in the skin and not occur for years after such contact.

Genital warts are most common in 1) those who have unprotected sex with multiple partners, 2) are diagnosed with other sexually transmitted diseases, or 3) became sexually active at an early age. The virus passes from one person to another through sexual contact with the skin, especially of the vagina, penis, mouth, tongue or anus. Treatment is very important, since growths that are left untreated can infect other people, as well as lead to cancer and problems during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Condyloma

Genital warts can occur anywhere on the body, but are usually found on the genital areas where there is minor trauma or injury. The virus gets into the skin through small breaks in the skin, and then replicates or makes more of themselves once inside your own human cells. The appearance of these warts varies. They can be rough and “warty surfaced”, or smooth. They can be large and raisin like, or tiny and flat. They can even grow to cauliflower like growths larger than a fingernail. They may go unnoticed, or become irritated, itchy and bleed. Some patients don’t experience any symptoms from small warts, going unnoticed but still able to spread to a loved partner.

Treatment of Condyloma

Some cases of condyloma heal on their own, but most patients need help in getting rid of these contagious viral-induced growths. It is important for patients to seek medical attention to prevent further spread to yourself and to others. There is no guaranteed cure for these genital warts, but Dr. Kaminester has had great success with treatment for them at his office in North Palm Beach, where he generally uses cryotherapy. This uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the cells that are infected with this HPV virus. The treatment is fast and effective. One treatment may be curative in simple cases. If patients have many large warts, they may not have any antibodies to fight off the wart virus, and may need multiple treatments for successful eradication or elimination of all the viral induced warts. Surgical excision is also available for some cases where that would be the best treatment. Dr. Kaminester’s office in North Palm Beach have these different methods of treatment available so that he can choose the one he thinks is best suited for the individual patient. There are also topical creams which can be effective in the right circumstances. Dr. Kaminester will help you determine which treatment option is best for you after a thorough evaluation of your individual condition.

Prevention of Condyloma

The most effective prevention against condyloma and other STD’s is to avoid sexual contact, especially with partners who have an active infection. If this is not possible, it is best to use a condom every time you have sex in order to reduce the risk of contracting an infection. However, even a condom is not foolproof, and infected juices can also transmit the virus to the partner. Now there is also a vaccine available for males and females between the ages of nine to 26 that prevents against some of the specific strains of HPV that lead to cervical cancer and which include some types that cause condyloma.

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